Drug couriers wounded after car chase

Two suspected drug couriers were shot and wounded by police in Si Sa Ket's Benjalak district late Monday night.

Pol Col Tosanarot Phawaphutanond, superintendent of Benjalak police station, said the two suspects were Samai Sathusin, 45, and Suwan Thonglor, 46.

They were arrested with 1,172 methamphetamine pills in their possession.

Prior to their arrest, police set up a sting operation to purchase the meth pills from them. After the suspects realised it was a set-up, they ran to their car and sped away.

A car chase followed and police were able to shoot out one of the car's tyres. After the car stopped, Mr Suwan came out of the vehicle holding an axe and approached the police car. Police then shot at him and he was hit in the back.

Mr Samai was hit in the leg when police were trying to shoot the car's tyres.

Both suspects were charged with having illicit drugs in their possession with intent to sell.

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