Dates set for candidate registration

The Election Commission has set the days for the registration of election candidates running in constituencies and on the party list for the Feb 2 polls, commissioner Prapan Naigowit said.

Mr Prapan, the commissioner in charge of elections, said the registration of candidates on the party list would be from Dec 23-27, and for constituency seats from Dec 28-Jan 1, from  8.30am to 4.30pm.

Advance voting for people who could not return to their home constituency would be on Jan 26. People wanting to vote in advance must register in advance. The dates for registration had not yet been settled.

The EC would consult with the Foreign Ministry to arrange for Thai people residing abroad to vote, Mr Prapan said.

Registration of candidates on the party list system would be at the Thailand-Japan sports centre it Din Daeng, he said.

The EC will basically adhere to the constituencies set for the July 3, 2011 elections.  There may be changes in some provinces, based on an increase or reduction of the population.  

For instance, Nonthaburi would have seven constituency MPs, one more than in 2011, while Sukhothai would  have only three MPs, down from four in 2011.

Mr Prapan said he did not see any reason by there would not be an election since a royal decree on the Feb 2  2014 general election is already in effect.

He disagreed with the suggestion that the outgoing EC, still in charge, and the incoming new EC, now awaiting royal appointment, should both resign, so that an election cannot take place.

Mr Prapan also dismissed speculation that the 312 former MPs and senators facing an impeachment petition in connection with the charter amendment draft on the make-up of the Senate would not be eligible to run in the Feb 2 elections if the National Anti-Corruption Commission found there were grounds to proceed with an investigation.

He said these current and former legislators would lose the right to run in an election only if they were found guilty and given a jail sentence.

There was still ample time for the government and the protesters to reach a settlement before the election, he said.

Mr Prapan said the current situation was different from that in 2004, when the Democrat Party boycotted the general election.

This ultimately led to the 2006 coup. 

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Discussion 1 : 12/12/2013 at 05:37 PM
"There was still ample time for the government and the protesters to reach a settlement before the election"....The election settled things...end of story....It was either that or a coup....

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