PM's TV talk show cancelled

The "Yingluck government meets the people" television programme has been cancelled, government spokesman Teerat Rattanasevi said on Friday.

The programme has regularly gone to air on Channel 11 on Saturday between 8am-9am since shortly after the Yingluck Shinawatra government was formed in mid-2011.

Mr Teerat said the programme had to be taken off air following the House dissolution. The government is now a caretaker administration.

It will not be replaced by any other programme produced by the government.

The Election Commission has prohibited the government from using state frequencies to run programmes which may be construed as taking advantage over other competitors in the next election, he said.

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Discussion 1 : 13/12/2013 at 08:39 PM
Whether she is good or bad is not the point. The media should be free of government influence. They should be allowed to cover whatever they want with no intimidation. And no threat of prosecution.
Discussion 2 : 13/12/2013 at 07:56 PM
They could put a piece of paper in front of a telegraph pole and screen that for an hour. Nobody would know the difference. It's one thing Thaksin got right.
Discussion 3 : 13/12/2013 at 06:30 PM
Anyway, when had YS something to tell the people?

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