Rice farmers spar over dam release

UTHAI THANI : Rice farmers are fighting over the management of water from Thap Salao reservoir in Lan Sak district.

Water has been released from the reservoir since Nov 21 to supply paddy fields in several districts where rice was dying from drought.

The water failed to reach about 100 farms in Thap Than district, and with the reservoir due to close its sluice gates this Friday, time was running out.

After making inquiries, the farmers with dry land found out that their counterparts in tambon Nong Yai Dam had blocked the waterway with sandbags to keep the water for themselves.

The farmers who were missing out tried to remove the sandbags, which prompted a quarrel between them and the farmers in tambon Nong Yai Dam.

Farmers in tambon Nong Yai Dam have now agreed to remove some sandbags to allow the water to run through to the areas where water is needed to save the dying rice. Water has now started reaching the farmers who have gone without.

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