Woman hurt by falling billboard

An advertising board at a bus stop fell down in Rangsit and seriously injured a woman waiting for a bus, police said.

The accident happened around 7.30am on Tuesday when Lamyuang Phanthanu, 50, was waiting at the bus stop in front of Major Cineplex Rangsit.

The 1x2 metre board, which was 8m off the ground, fell on the woman, inflicted a severe wound to her head.

She was taken to Pathum Thani Hospital in  serious condition.

Police say a pole holding the board was rusty, causing the sign to fall. Police believe the pole had been rusting since the heavy floods in 2011.

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Discussion 1 : 18/12/2013 at 09:51 AM
Love it dekwat. Thanks for the laugh.
Discussion 2 : 18/12/2013 at 09:26 AM
It's not just in Chiang Mai. It's all over the country...No matter where you go here if there is a empty space there will be a new billboard tomorrow...I have never seen so many signs in my life anywhere else. You have to love the ones made with bamboo and lashing that blow over if there is a 15mph breeze...It truly is a blight. I hope the lady recovers without any lasting effects.
Discussion 3 : 18/12/2013 at 09:07 AM
I just hope those responsible have the decency to at least pay for this poor woman's hospital care. Chances are, if she is using the buses, she won't have a lot of money and will struggle with the bills. There are so many hazards in Bangkok and around the country such as electrical wiring, sub standard buildings etc there is no way any follow will come of this. Hope the lady has a speedy and full recovery
Discussion 4 : 18/12/2013 at 08:57 AM
After thorough examination of the scene, the police have concluded that the real culprit is "gravity". The Metropolitan Police Bureau announced that further investigations will certainly determine the reasons behind the woman's untimely presence at the bus stop.
Discussion 5 : 18/12/2013 at 08:34 AM
"There are so many old and sub-standard billboards all over the city that needed to be removed urgently" It would be great for an investigative reporter to do a follow up story and make the regulators accountable to check all these potential 'accidents'. Perhaps ask the regulators why this is allowed to happen rather than just settle on the police comment about rust. Bangkok Post could then be proud to have initiated some preventative action in the best interests of the community.
Discussion 6 : 18/12/2013 at 08:05 AM
Thais see maintainance as an unnecessary drain on their money so 'mai bpen arai'. Clean the wretched floor 3 times a day and that's it. Everything else can just go to ruin.
Discussion 7 : 18/12/2013 at 07:53 AM
Who cares the pole was rusty. It FELL on the person and injured. That's what counts. And someone who is responsible should be jailed.
Discussion 8 : 18/12/2013 at 07:31 AM
There are so many old and sub-standard billboards all over the city that needed to be removed urgently.

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