Supachai confirms Feb 2 election

The general election will take place on Feb 2 as scheduled, Election Commission chairman Supachai Somcharoen affirmed on Thursday.

He denied as baseless a report on Wednesday that the planned polls would be postponed.

The royal decree on the general election is still in place and the EC is duty-bound to comply with it, said Mr Supachai.

Asked about the report that the EC would hold a major press conference on the planned election today, Mr Supachai said he had no knowledge of it.

The EC chairman said it was possible the election commissioner in charge of election management, Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, might have something to say.

Mr Supachai insisted there was no pressure for him to step down from his post.

He said he is newly appointed and if he resigns as EC chairman he would be unemployed.

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Discussion 1 : 19/12/2013 at 12:57 PM
He should start stopping Yingluck from vote campaigning .

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