PDRC expects 3 million people Sunday

The planned mass anti-government rally on Sunday will be a historic movement as two million to three million people are expected to show up, People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) spokesman Ekanat Prompan said on Saturday.

Five additional main rally stages will be set up tonight at the Victory Monument, Siam Square, Asok intersection, Lumpini Park and Ratchaprasong intersection, Mr Ekanat said.

Some small rally stages will also be set up in parallel on ten main roads in the capital, he said.

The spokesman said protesters from the West, the East and the Northeast of Thailand will come to join the PDRC’s main rally sites in Bangkok on Sunday and the protests might be prolonged until Monday morning.

Sathit Wongnongtoey, a core member of the PDRC, said the rally at Ratchadamnoen road will be overseen by the Kong Thap Tham (Dhamma Army) and the Network of Students and People for Thailand's Reform (NSPTR).

He said the rally at the Victory Monument will be controlled by Issara Somchai, a core-leader of the PDRC, the rally at the Art and Cultural Centre of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will be responsible by lecturers and students of Chulalongkorn University, he said.

The Ratchaprasong businessmen group will oversee the rally at the Ratchaprasong intersection, Silom Businessmen group will hold the rally at Lumpini Park, and the rally at Asok intersection will be controlled by business operators in the area.

Mr Sathit said the PDRC also plans to rally in front of caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s Bangkok residence in Soi Yothin Pattana 3 about 9am on Sunday.

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Discussion 1 : 22/12/2013 at 09:27 AM
Anyone who supports Suthep doesn't care whether they have democracy or not - more likely, they're frustrated with their lives and just want a change. The only problem is, this man is just another politico who has discovered a back way to become the leader he's always wanted to be. Rather than go through the accepted process of democracy by winning at the polls, he's found a nice shortcut to the top. Thaksin was no good and this guy will be worse, once he takes over the reins of government.
Discussion 2 : 22/12/2013 at 09:04 AM
There is no Nobel Prize in politics. Try harder.
Discussion 3 : 21/12/2013 at 10:39 PM
'...when the people of Thailand can decide who they want to govern them', taking each and every of these words into consideration you should already realize the impossibility of your statement, but when that could, would be true, all of this 'situation' would not exist, do you realize that? And I sincerely hope, one day, soon, it will be possible like in your words I quote, but never ever can or will it happen with any Shinawat &Co in, or close to, politics, and power. So, first things first, IMO.
Discussion 4 : 21/12/2013 at 07:48 PM
more like a thousand football stadium,filled to the brine with people ,yingluck played her hand today ,by announcing on TV her sincerity in reform,by wanting an election first then reform after? not a smart move to the public,khun suthep your a brave and inspirational to all the humble people of Thailand chokdee
Discussion 5 : 21/12/2013 at 07:20 PM
Its like the useless bomb-sniffers They never apply scientific methods. For a gathering in an open space, up to five adults with normal body growth can stand per square meter with minimum movability. You needs close to 600.000 square meter to accommodate 3 million standing people and much much more if they move.
Discussion 6 : 21/12/2013 at 07:18 PM
The way things are shaping up I would not be so confident of an election taking place.
Discussion 7 : 21/12/2013 at 06:16 PM
Continued nonsense, continued anti democratic rhetoric, roll on February 2nd when the people of Thailand can decide who they want to govern them.
Discussion 8 : 21/12/2013 at 06:06 PM
I know, its hard to keep pace with all these Nobel Price Winners in Politics from Bangkok.
Discussion 9 : 21/12/2013 at 05:24 PM
Stop letting that brain thing of yours get in the way of a good punch up.
Discussion 10 : 21/12/2013 at 04:48 PM
30 posts and none of them make any sense yet...keep trying
Discussion 11 : 21/12/2013 at 04:34 PM
Reuters, AFP, AP, CNN are biased and serving the high finance interests of the USA and the UK. During the live reporting on the previous mass demonstration a BBC reporter spoke of 3 million. A couple of days later that figure has been changed to 150.000 due to the lobbying.
Discussion 12 : 21/12/2013 at 04:29 PM
First 5 million and now 3 million. With these numbers just form a party and join the election and win some MP seats then submit your reform bills and get more done plus it will be legal. Just a thought.
Discussion 13 : 21/12/2013 at 04:17 PM
Will TAT be in charge of counting?
Discussion 14 : 21/12/2013 at 04:17 PM
Heaps of rich rubberfarmers in their huge fanzy cars are coming to town. They dont pay tax anyway what do they have to complaint about.
Discussion 15 : 21/12/2013 at 04:16 PM
Well if you have 3million in the streets of Bangkok, its only a fraction of the whole population of thailand.....
Discussion 16 : 21/12/2013 at 04:11 PM
The actual numbers are irrelevant - to me 1,000 is more than enough for me to listen to what they say, 100 t0 200,000 speak, even without words, very loudly
Discussion 17 : 21/12/2013 at 04:08 PM
It's a Buddhist country so Christmas isn't exactly a big deal here.
Discussion 18 : 21/12/2013 at 04:04 PM
It does not matter if 10m come out in Bangkok as there are more in the north that will vote NO you need to change the way the north think first
Discussion 19 : 21/12/2013 at 04:02 PM
Mr Suthep has been trying for the last 2 months to get the military involved, inc the meeting with them to back him. He would be the happiest man in Thailand, if it was to happen.
Discussion 20 : 21/12/2013 at 03:59 PM
I be there are 3 million people in this country who really want to see the end of this Thaksin regime and a more holistic democracy built on reformed rules and charter so that the majority' voted govt is one beholden to the people, sensible policies serving the country, and run by a group of honarable politicians rather than a family. If they could turn out they would. Reporter Michael Yon made an interesting point, as these groups march through the city they swell by attracting by-standers who participate for a km, then return to their jobs, clever, that adds up to a lot more than 100,000 in one place. A lot of people are really fed up!
Discussion 21 : 21/12/2013 at 03:54 PM
The key word in the article is businessmen. Businessmen running the rally sites. They can't win the election. They don't like having the majority of Thais organized anyone, not just Thaksin. When they talk of reform, do they mean fixing the election process so that only the elites can pick the winner? from iPhone application.
Discussion 22 : 21/12/2013 at 03:44 PM
It is nice to be so optimistic before the event , but one tenth of that number is more likely , or one fifth .
Discussion 23 : 21/12/2013 at 03:37 PM
Expecting 2--3 million, who comes up with these figures? I would have more chance seeing a pig fly. Take the naught (0) from the end, then you might be closer to the turnout.
Discussion 24 : 21/12/2013 at 03:16 PM
Without a doubt they will reach this number, if not 10 millions. I mean, at least according to the numbers given by themselves and only themselves, or others allies groups. Knowing that their last rally supposedly joined by one million was numbered by independent international agencies such AFP, Reuteurs and AP at 100.000 to 200.000. But anyone pretending something less is a member of the "thaksinist" plot or misinformed : they are the only ones who have correct and unbiased numbers as long as they are very impartial in this story. Self declared "people's council" chairman Suthep has spoken.
Discussion 25 : 21/12/2013 at 03:14 PM
Were is the military, now it is time to put the foot down and show the rebellions why there is a law. Now everybody in Bangkok can forget a happy Christmas. When should the police arrest Suthep, when it is to late or before the massacre? Tam di dai di, tam chua dai chua.
Discussion 26 : 21/12/2013 at 02:59 PM
If you can get 3 million voters to rally in Bangkok then you can win power Feb 2nd. Good look with the election, I hope your chosen candidate wins.

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