Auction for news channels complete

NBC Next Vision, part of the Nation Group, topped the bidding for a news station channel frequency on the second-day of the auction of digital television licences on Friday.

There were 10 bidders competing for the available seven licences.

The news channel auction will benefit government coffers by a total of 9.238 billion baht.

The starting price of the bidding for seven news channels, which digital channels 16-22, was 220 million baht and increase by two million baht at each call.

The bidding started at 11am and all bidders offered more than one billion baht at 11.30am. As at the end of the bidding, the highest offer was 1.338 billion baht, and the lowest 1.298 billion baht. 

The winners of the bidding.

1) NBC Next Vision, part of the Nation Group, bid at 1.338 billion baht.

2) Voice TV bid at 1.33 billion baht

3) Thai TV under TV Pool Group bid at 1.328 billion baht.

4) Spring News bid at 1.318 billion baht.

5) Thai News Network under TNN Group bid at 1.316 billion baht.

6) DN Broadcast under Daily News Group bid at 1.31 billion baht.

7) 3A Marketing bid at 1.298 billion baht.

The three bidding companies that missed out are Post TV, part of the Post Publishing Group, I-Sport Media and Mono Generation.

The auction of three licences to operate youth and family stations will start in the afternoon.

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