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Discussion 1 : 06/01/2014 at 06:06 PM
Its very sad for Combodians. At least three people have died and twenty-three wounded. The police were armed with assault rifles and claim that they only fired after the crowd began to bombard them with rocks and bottles. Read More:
Discussion 2 : 01/01/2014 at 01:30 PM
Great: 3 Euro or 120 THB per day (over all the month). And the consumer pays in Europe 15 Euro for an H&M cardigan produced in Cambodia. When talking with people who had done this job, they told me that they could produce in average 20 of them per day and worker. It's simple stuff and not to difficult technically seen. It's not difficult to understand that somebody makes a lot of money. Labor costs per piece are around 15 cent!

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