Police chief Adul apologises

National police chief Adul Saengsinkaew on Friday apologised for the violent attack on a vehicle by riot control police near Din Daeng stadium and admitted they had overreacted to the situation on Dec 26.

Pol Gen Adul made the apology at a press conference at the Centre for Administration of Peace and Order (Capo).

He admitted police officers who vigorously smashed in the windows of a health volunteer’s car on Dec 26, when anti-government protesters were blocking poll registration, had overreacted.

The police chief said the police that day were under pressure from the demonstrators, and reacted after shots were fired at them.

Pol Gen Adul defended his long delay in telling the  truth, saying he needed to have all the facts before reaching a conclusion on the case.

Capo spokesman Pol Maj Gen Piya Uthayo on Dec 28 denied police had damaged the vehicle and blamed the incident on "protesters who disguised themselves as policemen with bullet-proof vests stolen from a police car".

The national police chief admitted for the first time on Thursday that police were the "men in black" on the rooftop of a Labour Ministry building and that riot police had also trashed the health worker's vehicle.

The admission came after protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban on Wednesday night on the protest stage demanded answers from top police officers, including Pol Gen Adul, deputy national police chief Pol Gen Worrapong Chiewpreecha and Metropolitan Police Bureau commander Pol Lt Gen Kamronwit Thoopkrachang.

The People's Democratic Reform Committee leader gave them a week to disclose the investigation results to the public.

Protest leaders have denied planning violent rallies against caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, even while demanding she and her cabinet step down to allow reform before a general election. They have accused police of initiating the violence.


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Discussion 1 : 04/01/2014 at 12:55 AM
No he does not. He got caught telling lies so he was forced to admit.
Discussion 2 : 03/01/2014 at 09:32 PM
Imagine how this all would have turned out if those videos were not posted on YouTube, and shown to the world. All the denial was all laughed at, as everyone could see the truth. YouTube is the strongest safety factor the anti-government members have to counter the continual lying by this government, allegedly run by a convicted criminal that was not elected by the people. Isn't there a law against anyone in the government from taking advice and meeting a convicted criminal on the run? Wouldn't that be a violation of the 112 law, for insulting their oath of office they gave to H.M.the King?
Discussion 3 : 03/01/2014 at 08:19 PM
This were not mistakes, these were crimes.
Discussion 4 : 03/01/2014 at 07:59 PM
The chief's statement accepting blame is a major change for the good in Thailand. He has gained a lot of respect from the community for that.
Discussion 5 : 03/01/2014 at 07:47 PM
Too little too late. The Police of Thailand need to be completely overhauled. Starting with this guy and working your way down.
Discussion 6 : 03/01/2014 at 07:31 PM
A lie has many variations, the truth none. - African Proverb. Again a lie to cover up all the previous lies. A retired police general said in an interview to CNN that he heard those policemen talking Cambodian to the shop owners when asking for food and that they had to point out which food they wanted. Then they pulled out Cambodian money from their pockets. When all those lies from the police will finally stop.
Discussion 7 : 03/01/2014 at 06:26 PM
Thank you for Pol Gen Adul for admitting to mistakes, even they happened in extreme situations and thank you PDRC supporters in this for dismantling yourself by showing off your arrogant attitude and complete lack of self-criticism.
Discussion 8 : 03/01/2014 at 06:11 PM
The only group who was shooting at the police.................was the police itself.. The attack on the pick up truck with medial supplies can only be explained as unprofessional behavior from the police and looked more like a revenge party then a serious attempt to control peace. In this you can see how far the police is rotten and the Suthep is right that there can be no elections before there is a cleanup and the wrongdoers hold responsible.
Discussion 9 : 03/01/2014 at 05:51 PM
Be careful with this stuff, and aware of huge agenda's......The coup-mongers would love to transfer the focus of violence onto the Police....And what is the big deal about having Police monitor things from rooftops...Calling them MIB is coup-monger agenda, assisted by their sympathetic media, to link it to the diversions they are known for when there were 'soldiers attacking civilians' at R'song.....There has been huge underreporting of coup-monger violence as would be expected from a sympathetic media...to try and shift things to the admirably restrained police is agenda of the highest order.... PADocrats will buy this stuff.
Discussion 10 : 03/01/2014 at 05:48 PM
Notice how there is no mention of any punishment .They will probably get a promotion .My first act as head of police would be to fire everyone .
Discussion 11 : 03/01/2014 at 05:44 PM
Damaging private properties while on duty is a gross criminal offence committed by the said police officer!
Discussion 12 : 03/01/2014 at 05:27 PM
Sadly none of this would have happened had Madam PM taken her party by the scruff of the neck and halted the ludicrous all night attempt to save "You know who". Instead she covered herself in obfuscation. And she is No. 1 in the party list. Says it all does it not?
Discussion 13 : 03/01/2014 at 05:18 PM
They have only come clean because the video evidence was making their stance hugely embarrassing. All members of Capo who came out with direct lies on the events of 26th should be removed from their posts immediately and a full public apology made by the man in charge, Mr Sarupong.
Discussion 14 : 03/01/2014 at 05:12 PM
How this story keeps changing. At one point we heard it wasn't a health volunteer’s car, now we know otherwise. Then it was the fake police who smashed the cars windows and traumatized the ladies inside, now we know better. There was also the denials about the men in black on top of the labor ministry being police officers, now we know the truth. Thankfully, there are those pushing this government for the truth, and I do hope the truth will also come out about who shot and killed some protesters and the police officer. This is the PM's government and police force, and her dainty little hands are now being stained with blood.
Discussion 15 : 03/01/2014 at 05:12 PM
"Pol Gen Adul defended his long delay in telling the truth, saying he needed to have all the facts before reaching a conclusion on the case. Couldn't think up any other excuses more like it!" "protesters who disguised themselves as policemen with bullet-proof vests stolen from a police car". Can he be sued for this ? Or even sacked?
Discussion 16 : 03/01/2014 at 05:08 PM
Reminds me of 2010. Whenever the red shirts or in this case the "red police" did anything wrong they blame the DEMS or DEM supporters. Bit like the DEMS burnt CW down. How the gullible are easily swayed. I have read a few comments on BP that jumping on the theory as well that the police were DEMS in disguise! Naivety can be a blessing they say. In this case it is a gate way to allowing criminal dictators to abuse a wonderful country such as Thailand. I pity the gullible.
Discussion 17 : 03/01/2014 at 04:51 PM
They have accused police of initiating the violence. In fact the police were posted to protect the candidates and EC workers. The police were attacked by the protestors as we all saw on TV news. Only when they were being overrun did they revert to the use of tear gas and rubber bullets. The attack went on all day long and I could understand how they may have felt a bit upset especially when one of their own was shot dead. What we all witnessed was a mob attack on the police. There was nothing peaceful about it.

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