Anti-PDRC activists pitch online battle

Social media activists have launched a campaign to oppose the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC)'s move to shut down Bangkok.

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One group has called on motorists to turn their car headlights on during the day if they are against the move.

The Go 6 TV Community Page condemned the PDRC's plan to shut down the capital from Jan 13 and invited the "silent majority" to express their opinions with the headlights.

Other social media groups called on people to observe constitutional practice by going to the ballot booths on Feb 2.

The Go 6 TV community page said in a statement on the site that the "Bangkok shutdown" campaign will completely bog down traffic in the capital and lead to economic problems.

It said Bangkokians should not allow people from other provinces to do this because the protest against the government could develop into civil war.

It backed the police to control the situation and urged them to arrest any wrongdoers.

"Please stop any act that violates people's rights under democracy. The Bangkok community respects different opinions, but a group of people is doing something that seriously destroys basic human rights," the page said.

Kittichai Ngamchaipisit, coordinator of the I-Peace web group which was calling on people to go to the polls, said he wanted to create some space for people who want to cast their ballots on Feb 2, which is an important part of the democratic system.

"After a House dissolution, there must be a general election, which is the correct practice under a democratic system," he said. "But some groups don't want to let it happen. Please be reminded that the democratic system can solve problems, including finding a way to national reform."

About 80 people led by his group on Friday lit a candle at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in a symbolic act to mark the violent Dec 26 clash between police and protesters at the Thai-Japanese Stadium in Din Daeng, where a policeman and a protester were killed.

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