Reds attack Chiang Mai protesters

Anti-government protesters were intercepted and attacked by red shirt supporters while staging a reform-before-election campaign in Chiang Mai's Muang district on Sunday.

A group of PDRC protesters gathered in the afternoon in front of a Christian church on Ta Pae Road, near the eastern side of Nawarat Bridge, Thairath Online reported. They previously planned to move to the official residence of Governor Wichian Puttiwinyu near the bridge to hold a peaceful whistle-blowing rally to air their demand for the resignation of caretaker Yingluck Shinawatra.

After that action, the group planned to carry on to the Three Kings Monument in the old city area. The group comprised a convoy of two mobile stage trucks, 10 cars and motorcycles and bicycles.

They were led by the Democrats' former Chiang Mai mayor Dr Duantemduang na Chiang Mai. 

However, about 100 supporters of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship led by Apichart Inson, aka DJ Auan, showed up on the other side of Nawarat Bridge, outside Mr Wichain’s residence to prevent the PDRC protesters from gathering there.

The protesters cancelled their plan to rally at the governor’s home and opted to use Nakhon Phing Bridge to reach the Three Kings Monument. However, the UDD loyalists rode motorcycles to intercept them at Ratchawong Intersection after they had crossed the bridge. 

Manager Online reported the red shirts hurled water bottles, rocks and flower pots at passing vehicles driven by the protesters. They also kicked motorcyclists and bicyclists and assaulted them after they fell. 

The protesters were able to travel on after police intervened and were able to contain the situation shortly after. Many officers, both in uniform and plainclothes, were deployed from several police stations to prevent the confrontation between the two groups.  

Later, a pro-UDD radio community announced that the anti-government protesters were on their way to the Three Kings Monument, prompting the red shirts to occupy the monument grounds, with some of them waiting for the protesters en route to the monument.

A similar attack later occurred near Sompetch market on Moon Maung Road, forcing Dr Duantemduang’s group to speed up their vehicles to escape attack.    

The PDRC supporters later changed their protest rally to Nong Hor Racecourse on Nong Hor Road after the red shirts laid siege to the momument. 

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