Elephant dies after 20m fall from hill

A female elephant died after falling off a hill in Muang district of Trang province on Sunday.

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The elephant, named Phang Boon, aged 50 and weighing more than 3 tonnes, was found dead in a forest in Ban Huai Wa, tambon Nam Phut of the district yesterday afternoon.

The animal fell 20m to the ground.

Owner Malee Cheoychit, 54, said she took the jumbo and tied the animal to a tree on the hill where the elephant could eat before she returned home. 

About an hour later, she heard the loud sound of a heavy object falling. She then found the elephant dead.

Ms Malee thought the elephant might have been frightened by a snake and fled, leading to the accident.

She said she bought the elephant 20 years ago to work in her orchard. 

Trang elephant club used another elephant to pull Phang Boon from the forest so the carcass could be buried.

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