Protest prevents Sek Loso concert

Around 500 anti-government protesters gathered in Phuket’s Muang district and forced the cancellation of a concert by Sek Loso on Sunday night because of the artist’s support for the Feb 2 election and "impolite" comments he made on his Facebook page.

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Sek Loso, or Seksan Sukpimai, had scheduled a concert at the provincial annual Red Cross fair on Sunday night, the final day of the fair.

Pawinee Inthusut, president of the Phuket Red Cross, and other officials went to negotiate with the protesters, but in an hour of talks they made no progress and the demonstrators began blowing whistles and yelling at them.

Finally, they cancelled the concert to the disappointment of waiting young fans, as the protesters cheered.

Sek Loso did not appear but he posted on his Facebook that the Phuket governor had sought his cooperation to postpone the concert. He had come to Phuket with good intentions and hoped the concert could  be rescheduled for a later date.

According to Thai Post newspaper, the earlier Facebook post by Sek Loso that triggered the protest said that in past elections artists would be asked to join the campaign, to draw people to the polls.

“Today, I posted that I will go to the election, you scolded me. What happened to you, are you even conscious? Is it possible for someone to think differently? Do you know that you are mad? Are you Thai? I want to kick your neck.” 

The form of address he used in Thai when making the comments was impolite.

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