Publisher halts weekly comic magazine

A leading publisher of Thai-translated Japanese comic books, Vibulkij Publishing Group, has announced it will temporarily halt publication of its weekly comic magazines, until the second week of February, citing distribution problems caused by the protest in Bangkok.

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The company posted the announcement on its Facebook fanpage. It informed its customers that the political protests over the past few months had caused distribution problems, making it miss publishing dates several times.

With the situation expected to intensify from next week, and no indication how long it will last, the company has decided to temporarily suspend all weekly comic magazines.

It will continue publishing comic books as usual, but the distribution dates may not be punctual.

The post drew comments from readers. Some  complained about the company’s decision, saying the protest had  nothing to do with it. Others were more understanding, saying that a weekly magazine has a short shelf-life, so late distribution means shorter times on the shelf, as it will quickly be replaced by the next edition.

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