Poll: People worried about 'shutdown'

Most people in the capital were concerned there could be violence if the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) really shuts down Bangkok, but they opposed another military coup, Bangkok Poll reported on Tuesday.

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The pollsters at the Bangkok University based their finding on interviews with 1,021 people, aged 18 and up, in Bangkok between Jan 3 and 6.

Asked about the plan to shut down Bangkok on Jan 13 by the anti-government movement, 60.4% of respondents said they were worried it could lead to violence, but 39.6% were not worried about it, Bangkok Poll said.

On the most severe possible effects of the shutdown, 37.3% of them pointed to traffic congestion and travel difficulties, 22.5% opted for a slowdown in economy, investment and tourism, and 19.3% said possible violent clashes involving the PDRC and the red-shirts and state authorities.

A total of 11.7% were concerned that their income would be affected, 6.7% worried about their safety and 2.5% were afraid of a possible military coup.

Asked whether the imposition of the emergency decree would minimise any violence caused by the shutdown, 50.2% said no, only 14.8% said yes and 35% were unsure.

On whether the resignation by caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra would help ease political turbulence and conflict, 45% said it would not make any difference, 38.9% thought it would help ease political tension, but 16.1% believed it would get worse.

Asked about the post-election political situation, if the election took place on Feb 2 as scheduled, 44.4% said it would be the same, 25.5% thought it would get worse, 14.4% believed it would be better and 15.7% were unsure.

Regarding the proposed national reforms, 41.7% of the polled people wanted reforms on major areas before the election, and that the reforms should completed in one year. Of the total, 34.2% said during the reforming period should be run and the election be held by an impartial administration, but 7.5% disagreed, saying the mission should be carried out by the caretaker government of Yingluck Shinawatra.

Some 27.3% said the main issues should be reform first with the period decided by  an agreement between the main protagonists, and then an election, 14.4% saw no suitable model of proposed reform at this time, and 16.6% were unsure.

Asked whether they would support a military coup if the situation turned violent, 42.1% said no, 38.5% said yes and 19.4% were unsure.

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