Muay Thai popular in Kelantan

Muay Thai has become a favourite sport for Young Malaysians in Kelantan, the state bordering Narathiwat province.

The state has more than 30 boxing rings, 30 clubs and more than 3,000 members, Bernama on Tuesday quoted Mohd Kamil Ismail, secretary of the Kelantan Boxing Association, as saying.

Muay Thai is known in the state as Kelantan Boxing.

"The teenagers here are getting hooked to the sport as they are willing to undergo training at one of the courts every night except Friday night," he told the Malaysian news ageny.

Mohd Kamil said the sport kept the youths from "social ills" and created discipline.

"The positive effects can be seen when parents approached me to say that their children's attitude improved after getting involved in the sport," he said.

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