‘Trang Shutdown’ planned

The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) in Trang province said on Wednesday it will close off six areas in Muang district in support of the Jan 13 Bangkok shutdown plan.

They include an intersection near the provincial clock tower, Kuan Pling intersection, Ban Kuan intersection, Tha Pap intersection, a section of Hua Yot Road where the provincial offices are located, and an intersection near Trang’s Marketing Organisation for Farmers building, said group leader Pridipramot Lertwarapat.

He said Trang protesters will begin campaigns encouraging local people to travel to the capital to join in the  "shutdown"  of the city scheduled for next Monday.

Locals unable to march on the capital were invited to partake in the '‘Trang shutdown". 

The provincial branch was also demanding that local government officials in the province stop work and join its activities. 

Mr Pridipramot warned that state agencies that do not comply would be put on a list that will be forwarded to the PDRC in Bangkok. The main group will then decide on what action to take against them. 

Trang is the base of a core PDRC leader, Sathit Wongnongtoey, whose house was recently hit by bullets.

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