Police deploy 14,000 troops for rally

More than 14,000 security officers will be deployed to handle the initial stage of Operation Bangkok Shutdown by the anti-government movement on Jan 13, with 21 locations expected to be surrounded by the protesters.

A Royal Thai Police source said a total of 14,250 security officers made up of 55 companies of policemen and 40 of military personnel will be sent in to the capital to handle the planned mass rally on Monday.

The People's Democratic Reform Committee is likely to mobilise supporters to surround 21 spots, the police source said. 

They are Government House, Parliament, Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana Road, Finance Ministry and Budget Bureau, Foreign Affairs Minsitry, Interior Ministry, Energy Ministry, the Government Public Relations Department, the Department of Special Investigation, Bank of Thailand, the Royal Thai Police, the Metropolitan Police Bureau, home of caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Baan Chan Song La ("Shiny Moon" home, the residence of former premier and Ms Yingluck’s brother, Thaksin), Pheu Thai Party headquarters, the Defence Ministry, the Royal Thai Army headquarters, the Royal Thai Navy headquarters, the Bureau of Registration Administration, back-up office of the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (Capo) and the Defence Ministry’s printing house which is used to print ballot papers for the Feb 2 election. 

Two bridges ― Rama VIII and Somdet Phra Pin Klao ― and 12 major roads in Bangkok will be affected by the rally, including Sukhumvit, Phloenchit, Rama I, Phetchaburi, Silom, Phaya Thai, Ratchadamri, Din Daeng, Boromratchonnanee, Nakhon Sawan, Rama V and Phra Pin Klao.

The protest will also hit traffic on six roads leading to the capital: Phahon Yothin, Vibhavadi Rangsit, Rama IX, Sukhumvit, Boromratchonnanee and Lat Phrao five-way intersection.

The PDRC has announced that six intersections in inner Bangkok and Chaeng Wattana Road will be closed on Jan 13. They are the Lat Phrao five-way intersection, Victory Monument, Pathumwan, Lumpini park (Sala Daeng intersection), Ratchaprasong and Asok.

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Discussion 1 : 09/01/2014 at 02:42 PM
Except that if one protestor dies I would advise Yingluck to take to the hills.
Discussion 2 : 09/01/2014 at 01:52 PM
Yes deploy more police to protect the protesters from harm, sounds legit.
Discussion 3 : 09/01/2014 at 08:03 AM
If you saw what I saw when people threw iron barricades at police cordons then you would have to be amazed that not more people have suffered. Feb 2 is when the election is called for so that has to be the legitimate way of changing things there not this street violence concocted by Suthep and his cronies, all this will do is create further problems in Thailand.no other country would allow this closure to happen in their cities like the one planned for Monday so if Suthep wants to create any goodwill he should call the Monday mayhem event off! It would win my vote if I was eligible to vote more so than mass protest by out of control crowds..
Discussion 4 : 09/01/2014 at 07:03 AM
You are so brave, stay safe. We will pray for your ALL!!!
Discussion 5 : 09/01/2014 at 06:54 AM
My thoughts exactly...This is not going to end well by any means. As someone said in one of my favorite films..."there will be blood". I pray I am wrong.
Discussion 6 : 09/01/2014 at 06:16 AM
No news on how many troops and police will be deployed in Isaan to handle the proposed anti-protest by the Red Shirts? They said they will have hundreds of thousands up here ... why no protection for us ?
Discussion 7 : 09/01/2014 at 04:47 AM
Here's what will happen the police will fire in to the crowd killing several people they will state an unknown gunmen did it there blaming and name calling an investagation will turn up nothing in a few months they will say outside foces caused the shooting's
Discussion 8 : 09/01/2014 at 02:27 AM
if you think, it's going to be a peaceful demonstration. think it again, there is no such peaceful demonstration in the world.
Discussion 9 : 09/01/2014 at 01:51 AM
14 000? It must be a lot of ladies protesting!
Discussion 10 : 09/01/2014 at 01:02 AM
I think that Thaksin wants the elections to go ahead without having to give in to reforms, which are so not in his interests. If the demonstrations look like he won't get his way, Yingluck will try to disperse the crowds. Then the fun will really begin!
Discussion 11 : 08/01/2014 at 11:14 PM
Ever wonder what would happen if no police and media show up at a truly peaceful demonstration? Would the protesters just sing a few songs, blow some whistles, get bored and go home? Maybe, but that's not reality. This coming 13 January event has been planned to provoke the government into a confrontation. Just as 2010 was planned to devolve into confrontation.

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