Public debt down B56.7bn

Net public debt fell by 56.7 billion baht in October from the previous month, the Public Debt Management Office reported on Thursday.

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Outstanding public debt totalled 5.37 trillion baht as of Oct 31, or 45.28% of gross domestic product (GDP), director-general Chularat Sutheethorn said.

Government debt accounted for 3.76 trillion baht of the total public debt, while 1.08 trillion baht related to non-financial institution state enterprises, 561.73 billion baht to financial institution state enterprises and 834.69 million baht to other state agencies, she said.

Government debt actually dropped by 5.57 billion baht, debts of non-financial institution state enterprises went down by 25.96 billion baht and debts of financial institution state enterprises also declined 25.20 billion baht, said Ms Chularat.

Debts of other state agencies remained unchanged and the Financial Institutions Development Fund (FIDF) had no outstanding debt, she added.

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