PM: Govt can control the situation

The government is capable of controlling the situation during the planned Bangkok shutdown on Jan 13 by protesters, caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on Friday.

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She said people should continue with their lives as usual.

More than 20,000 police and military would be deployed in important areas and at key state agencies in the capital to maintain peace and order.

However, Ms Yingluck admitted that she is concerned that "third hand" groups would take this opportunity to incite violence.

She called on all parties to turn back from confrontation and enter talks to look for ways out of the  political crisis through the stage of the government's reform council, which will operate in parallel with the Feb 2 election.

Ms Yingluck said a general election is necessary because without a House of Representatives the country's administration would be disrupted.

Ms Yingluck insisted that she could not step down at this time, despite demands that she do so, as the law requires her to continue working until the new government is in place.

On the report that the armed force would step in as a mediator in arranging peace talks between the government and the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, the caretaker premier said she is ready for talks.

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