Army hits out at Thaksin's lawyer

The army on Friday hit back at Robert Amsterdam over a scathing article on his blog, labelling the red-shirt legal adviser "narrow-minded" and accusing him of seeking to discredit the military.

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Several Thai-language media outlets ran reports about the article penned by Mr Amsterdam, best known in Thailand as one of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra’s lawyers, on Thursday.

Entitled "Life Under a Coup — the Thai Army's Continual Threat to Thai Democracy", the article accuses the military of having a "long and ignoble tradition of stymieing democracy, attacking civilians and meddling in politics".

Responding to the media reports, army deputy spokesman Winthai Suwaree said on Friday the opinion of Mr Amsterdam was based on his "bias against the Thai army" and could never be regarded as honest criticism.

The article was defamatory and consisted of groundless accusations by a person who was "narrow-minded" and who had a hidden agenda to discredit the army, Col Winthai claimed.

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