Jackpot winner throws away money

A Frenchman who won a casino jackpot showered pub patrons and staff with banknotes worth thousands of United States dollars in south-eastern Uruguay on Friday.

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The unidentified man took his winnings to the nearby Moby Dick Pub and hurled the money from a terrace, witnesses said.

"When I saw that I couldn't believe it, but instead of trying to catch the bills in the air I went around collecting them from the pavement, and I found a big wad of notes in a flowerpot," a young man named Humberto Correa told a local television station.

Correa said he gathered up about 4,000 dollars in all, which he said would help to pay for skin cancer treatment for his ailing father.

Local media estimated the total bounty at about 30,000 dollars.

After the celebratory fling - which included him burning some notes with a lighter - the Frenchman hailed a taxi to return to his hotel, but discovered that he needed to borrow money to pay the fare.

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