Medics want PM to step down

Medical personnel at Ramathibodi Hospital have called for caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra step down and the Feb 2 election be postponed, the Post Today website reported.

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It was clear that the Feb 2 poll would not settle the ongoing political conflict, as the root causes have not yet been resolved, said the statement by the group calling itself the Medical Professional Group for Democratic Reform.

The statement also noted that the new House of Representatives would not be able to convene because it was unlikely there would be 95% of the 500 MPs present, as required by law. This would be a waste of 3.8 billion baht of taxpayers' money it us costing to hold the election.

The group called on Ms Yingluck to step down immediately to open the way for a national reform. It also called for an indefinite postponement of the election.

Members demanded key reforms prior to the next election, particularly laws and regulations related to corruption prevention and suppression. As well, they called for freedom of the media in reporting the situation without any interference by any parties.

They also called on all parties to refrain from all forms of violence. Security units, they said, must provide security equally for people of all groups in order to prevent the loss of lives of Thais due to differences in political ideology.

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