Police officer, woman found dead

The bodies of a police officer and a woman were found inside a room of a condominium in Muang district of Chachoengsao province on Saturday afternoon.

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Police inspecting the scene found the bodies of Pol Col Nattasit Boonnuam, superintendent of Krabophai police station in Prachin Buri, and Chayanand Pannapongkhun, 48. They were lying on a bed in a room on the seventh floor of Sirapha Residence. A gun was found on the floor below the right hand of the man.

There were no signs of a fight, but a lot of possessions were scattered around the room.

Pattama Chanrod, the condominium’s manager, said the two had rented the room since 2011 with the woman registered as the tenant.

From his uniform, she knew that the man was a senior police officer. Sometimes he was picked up at the condominium by his subordinates to go to work, she said.

On Saturday afternoon, a middle-aged woman and her two children came to the condominium to open the room using a back-up key after they informed the manager that they were the family of Pol Col Nattasit.

The police officer’s wife said she got a call from her husband telling her to pick her personal stuff from the room. When she arrived, she found the bodies of her husband and the woman in the room.

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