Poll: Political change may follow

A third of the people taking part in a Suan Dusit poll - 34.88% - believe the Bangkok shutdown on Monday could lead to political change. The poll covered 1,344 people in Bangkok and nearby provinces on Jan 9-11.

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They had been asked what they thought about the Jan 13 Bangkok shutdown led by the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep Thaugsuban.

A quarter - or 24.88% - thought it would affect the country and all Thai people as well as businesses and trade; 21.85% said it would cause traffic inconvenience; 10.38% wanted those involving in the shutdownt to respect the law; and, 8.61% were afraid it could lead to political chaos and clashes between Thai people.

Asked what they would do on Jan 13, 28.55% said they would closely follow the situation from various media outlets, 26.75% would stay home and rest with families; 21.01% would lead a normal life but would be more careful; 17.94% might join or observe the rally; and, 5.75% might find something to do to relieve the tension such as going shopping, eating out and making merit.

Asked what they had in mind to tell the PDRC over the Jan 13 shutdown, 38.17% said they wanted the rally to end as soon as possible; 24.78% wanted all sides to turn to each other to find a common way out; 20.31% wanted the protesters to respect the law and think more of safety; 11.38% wanted the PDRC to care about the people's travels; and, 5.36% wanted the protesters to be rational and listen to other people's opinions.

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