Army denies its weapons at rally sites

Deputy army spokesman Winthai Suwaree on Sunday denied a rumour soldiers had transported weapons from southern provinces to anti-government rally sites in Bangkok and urged the public to think carefully about information related to the current political situation.

Col Winthai said a check had been carried out on the claim that had found nothing to verify it. He pointed out similar rumours or speculation regarding the military have been flying around and all of it was not true. The allegation was said to have been made by former Pheu Thai MP for Samut Prakan Worachai Hema.

“There has been a lot of rumours lately and people need to examine the credibility of the information sources,” he added.   

Most of the recent violence resulted from ill-intentioned people using weapons to ambush and attack the protesters. Police are trying to find who is behind the attacks and relieve public doubts. 

He said the heavy artillery and armaments, including tanks, that were displayed for Children’s Day on Saturday had been transported to bases in Bangkok. It was a usual practice for Children’s Day every year and no one should use the occasion to incite public concern.  

Meanwhile, Fourth Army chief Lt Gen Sakol Chuentrakul said the armed forces have been implicated in numerous groundless rumours or attempts to create distrust which affected the confidence of the public who do not receive facts or information directly from the military.  

Lt Gen Sakol said the public can rest assured that the army would stand beside the people and soldiers would strictly follow army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha’s order which pledges not to bring the army into political conflicts and violence.

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