Suthep: Win-win result unacceptable

Anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban on Sunday night said the movement would not accept a win-win result for both sides in the battle with the government and that it would be victorious if civil servants support the protesters.

Mr Suthep made the remarks at his last speech delivered to supporters of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) at the Democracy Monument main rally stage at 10pm, just hours before the stage is disassembled on Monday morning and Bangkok shutdown is effectively launched at 9am.   

The muan maha prachachon, or great mass uprising, would accept no proposal or negotiation from the caretaker government or those linked to the Thaksin regime, Mr Suthep said.  

“In this battle, to lose is to lose, a win is win, [there will be] no win-win or draw result. Only one side will win," Mr Suthep said. "The defeat of the Thaksin regime means all politicians will know that from now on the Thai people will no more let them ruin the country."

“I am confident that the people definitely will not lose. But when and how we will win, I cannot answer that as I am not a fortune teller. I only know that we will not lose.”

He said the day most government officials ― if not all ― make a firm decision to back the PDRC, that will be “the day of victory”.

Mr Suthep told supporters that there would be eight main rally stages, not seven, for Monday’s rally as two stages will be set up on Chaeng Wattana Road, one of the seven shutdown locations.

He will lead the march of protesters at 9am from Democracy Monument to Pathumwan intersection which will be one of the new main rally sites.    

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