Drug smuggler caught with 'ya ice' coat

SAMUT PRAKAN - Customs officers on Monday arrested an Indian man attempting to smuggle crystal methamphetamine worth around 4.2 million baht through Suvarnabhumi airport in a winter coat.

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Auychai Kultipmontre, director of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s Passenger Control Customs Bureau, said Thiyathikandy Kallindavita Shameed, 30, an Indian national, was arrested on arrival from India on SpiceJet Flight SG 91 at 9am.

Customs officials searched his suitcase and found an unusually heavy winter jacket. 

A subsequent examination found 4.2 kg of "ya ice" had been wrapped in carbon paper and stuffed inside the jacket’s lining.

Mr Shameed was charged with importing and possessing a category one drug with intent to sell.

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