Two rangers injured in Yala

Two soldiers were injured in an ambush as they returned from a foot patrol in Yala province on Tuesday.

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Police said Pvt Sinthorn Jaingern, 33, was struck by bullets in the chest, waist and leg, and Noppadol Thapkrorklerk, 25, a volunteer ranger, was hit in the hip. Both were taken to Bannang Sata Hospital.

In Yala's Muang district, an unknown group fired two M 79 grenades at Lam Mai police station on Monday night, but they missed the target, said Pol Maj Chatupat Nakpan, a local investigator.  The grenades hit a house nearby, where police found two holes created by the grenades exploding, and shrapnel. Nobody was hurt. 

Pol Maj Chatupat said police believed Arpeesi Yusoh, an insurgent leader operating in the area, was responsible for the attack. He had lead an attack on Lam Mai police station in December 2011, when there were also no injuries. 

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