Teachers take dim view of politicians

Teachers expressed general disapproval of politicians, viewing them as being selfish and responsible for the disorder and problems in society, with an overwhelming 90% saying they would never want to enter politics, Suan Dusit Poll reported on Wednesday.

Pollsters at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University based the finding on a survey on “Teachers and Thai Politics”  conducted to coincide with National Teacher’s Day, interviewing 1,102 teachers nationwide between Jan 10 and 15.

Asked for their opinions on Thai politics, 42.75% of the respondents agreed it was flooded with disorder and problems and this should be quickly addressed and settled, Suan Dusit Poll reported.

A total of 25.95% of the polled teachers agreed Thai politicians to have no sense of unity and just keep on quarrelling and trying to win over each other, 22.9% of them saw politicians as being corrupt and looking after their own and their allies’ interests, and 8.40% agreed politicians had no ethics and no sense of virtue and were not a good role model for youth or society in general.

On possible solutions to the current political conflict and social divisions, 38.12% said all sides should take one step back and actually listen to each others' opinions, 29.28% said politicians must show unity and adhere to principles of morality and virtue, 20.99% said politicians must help teach children to be good people and to help each other, while 11.61% said people must be consciously aware and impartial when assessing information they are presented with.

Asked what they expect of politicians, 39.56% of the polled teachers said they should give priority to education development, 29.57% said honour teachers and improve their career conditions, to be equal with people in other occupations, 16.52% wanted politicians to be good people, a good model for society, and refrain from involvement in corruption, while 14.35% said build up moral support for teachers, raise their salaries and other welfare benefits to a more suitable level.

Asked whether they had any wish to become a politician, an overwhelming 90.86% of the teachers responded with a resounding No.  The said they wanted to be a teacher, they liked the job  and they wanted to teach children to be good people and to help develop the country.

Only 9.14% of them said they would like to be a politician, given that they wanted to see change for the better  and development towards progress and prosperity.

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Discussion 1 : 15/01/2014 at 07:22 PM
Are they serious?? In my area teachers are known for tardiness and absence. There are some of them who force their students to attend their private classes in order to get higher grades. Another common trait is to park in the prohibited zone right in front of the school. I am not too sure that the politicians are worse than them.
Discussion 2 : 15/01/2014 at 06:20 PM
If the word Politician was exchanged with Teacher, the recommendations sound just about right. Too many teachers in Thailand are corrupt: show up late in the morning, take long lunch breaks, leave early in the afternoon, do personal business during class hours, teach the top student in a class and ignore the rest, etc. Honest teachers have it in their power to teach and be an example, proving that corruption hurts everybody, and is avoidable. With constant corruption "losses" down the line, Thailand spends an enormous amount of money on education. Honest teachers would therefore in the long run ensure their own decent wages.
Discussion 3 : 15/01/2014 at 05:59 PM
I agree.Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. How many bought their degree or had a stand in for the examination ? How many scream & shout or even assault the children under their care ? IF they were any good at their job Thai children would have a better chance of a decent education instead of, in the main. propping up the ASEAN lists. The system may be lacking but the quality of teachers doesn't help
Discussion 4 : 15/01/2014 at 05:31 PM
Nurses, Doctors, even senior permanent government staff and now teachers what a different crowd than what we are used to.
Discussion 5 : 15/01/2014 at 04:04 PM
how about a poll on what teachers need to do to reform themselves
Discussion 6 : 15/01/2014 at 03:44 PM
Hate the game not the players...
Discussion 7 : 15/01/2014 at 03:32 PM
Sounds like a tale. Most of Isaan teachers I know even call their students to tell their parents what they have to vote.

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