Teachers take dim view of politicians

Teachers expressed general disapproval of politicians, viewing them as being selfish and responsible for the disorder and problems in society, with an overwhelming 90% saying they would never want to enter politics, Suan Dusit Poll reported on Wednesday.

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Pollsters at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University based the finding on a survey on “Teachers and Thai Politics”  conducted to coincide with National Teacher’s Day, interviewing 1,102 teachers nationwide between Jan 10 and 15.

Asked for their opinions on Thai politics, 42.75% of the respondents agreed it was flooded with disorder and problems and this should be quickly addressed and settled, Suan Dusit Poll reported.

A total of 25.95% of the polled teachers agreed Thai politicians to have no sense of unity and just keep on quarrelling and trying to win over each other, 22.9% of them saw politicians as being corrupt and looking after their own and their allies’ interests, and 8.40% agreed politicians had no ethics and no sense of virtue and were not a good role model for youth or society in general.

On possible solutions to the current political conflict and social divisions, 38.12% said all sides should take one step back and actually listen to each others' opinions, 29.28% said politicians must show unity and adhere to principles of morality and virtue, 20.99% said politicians must help teach children to be good people and to help each other, while 11.61% said people must be consciously aware and impartial when assessing information they are presented with.

Asked what they expect of politicians, 39.56% of the polled teachers said they should give priority to education development, 29.57% said honour teachers and improve their career conditions, to be equal with people in other occupations, 16.52% wanted politicians to be good people, a good model for society, and refrain from involvement in corruption, while 14.35% said build up moral support for teachers, raise their salaries and other welfare benefits to a more suitable level.

Asked whether they had any wish to become a politician, an overwhelming 90.86% of the teachers responded with a resounding No.  The said they wanted to be a teacher, they liked the job  and they wanted to teach children to be good people and to help develop the country.

Only 9.14% of them said they would like to be a politician, given that they wanted to see change for the better  and development towards progress and prosperity.

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