'Close every state agency this week'

Anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban on Wednesday night urged supporters to ensure all state agencies that are still working are shut down by the end of this week, saying he was confident the caretaker government would go before the Feb 2 election.

He said he believed the Bangkok Shutdown operation has made some impact so far as more and more government officials have stopped working and are lending their support to The People's Democratic Reform Committee. “Every state office will be shut down by the end of this week ... after that we will visit each minister’s house,” he said. “Time for this government is running out and we will win for sure.”The PDRC secretary-general asked protesters at the Chaeng Wattana rally site not to close the airports or the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) building on Ratchadaphisek road.He also asked Luang Pu Buddha Issara, the abbot of Wat Or Noi in Nakhon Pathom province, who is overseeing a rally stage in front of the CAT Telecom building on Chaeng Wattana road, to act as a PDRC advisor, not a protest leader, saying he did not want him to face insurrection charges like him. Mr Suthep said the PDRC respected the work of the media and 90 percent of media outlets are being fair with the protesters except the Matichon and Khao Sod dailies.He also singled out well known news presenter Sorayuth Suthassanachinda at Channel 3 for his role in presenting the current political situation in his popular morning news programme. He accused Sorayuth of reading pro-government news only and threatened to mobilise protesters to surround Channel 3 and ask to meet him again.  “But don’t worry we won’t burn down Channel 3, we will only 'visit' them," he said. “If the media are not good with their work, we shall visit them. Don’t regard this as threatening [the media], but rather call it seeking justice. We only ask the press not to report the government’s crazy slander about us.”

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