Bluesky warns whistle copycats

Bluesky, the television channel which supports the Democrat party and anti-government protesters under the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), has warned people copying its whistles not to violate its intellectual property right otherwise its guards may seize the products.

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The Facebook page of Bluesky Channel posted an image early Thursday morning of thunder shaped whistles and other products with the colours of the Thai flag and a message that read, “Seized Bluesky whistles, infringed products, from Pathumwan stage - will ask guards at all stages to implement this measure.” 

“You buy for selling, we seize.”

The page continued: “Hope supporters of Bluesky will understand that Bluesky has tried to create different quality products and uses the earnings to continue business. But those opportunists should not get support.”

Bluesky says it is taking legal action against the producer as it knows approximately where the copied products are being produced.

Bluesky director Takerng Somdap has had posted on his Facebook page since December images of Bluesky whistles. He said that Bluesky needs the income to compensate for decreasing revenue from commercials due to the protest. Bluesky is registered as the owner of the whistle design and Mr Takerng has also registered for a patent for the product design. 

However, the image on the page was removed by Thursday evening. 

According to Bangkok Post reporters, the Intellectual Property Department could not verify the registration of intellectual property rights for the products as it could not use its computer system. The law states that if Bluesky holds the rights to the products, it cannot seize copies on its own. It must report the rights violations to the police and then the rightful owner can go with the police to seize the products. 

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