Drug bust in Chiang Rai

Police arrested a man and seized 100,000 methamphetamine pills and two kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine in Chiang Rai’s Muang district on Thursday night.

Pol Maj Gen Wanchai Suwansirikhate, chief of Chiang Rai police, said he received a tip that a large amount of illegal drugs would be smuggled from Myanmar into Chiang Rai. He ordered police to keep a close watch on roads from the neighbouring country from Thursday night.

About 11pm, police spotted a suspicious pickup truck, with licence plate No 1165 Chiang Rai, running on the inbound road to Muang district and they followed it. Realising he was being followed by police the pickup driver, later identified as Suchart Kongkaew, sped away in his vehicle.

Police intercepted the pickup truck at the Mae Fa Luang University intersection but could arrest only the driver. Other men in the pickup truck managed to run away through the crowd of people.

Police found 100,000 yaba pills and 2 kilogrammes of ya ice hidden on the backseat of the pickup truck.

Mr Suchart told police that he was paid 5,000 baht to delivery of the illegal drugs to a client in Muang district, he was charged with possessing illegal drugs for sale.

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