Thanasak: I will not stage a coup

Supreme commander Thanasak Patimaprakorn on Saturday denied a report that he is planning to stage a military coup to become the next prime minister, Than Setthakij website reported.

Gen Thanasak said the "groundless" report was just a rumour circulated by people who wanted to incite unrest and insisted that he has no plans to work after he retires.

The supreme commander made reassurances that the armed forces still have good relationship with the police and are able discuss all matters openly.

Commanders of the armed forces overseas, who are following the political situation in Thailand, understand the country’s political disputes and believe the problems should be settled by Thai people, he said.

Asked about the possibility of implementing an emergency decree if anti-government protests turn violent, Gen Thanasak said such a measure would be ineffective unless all people respect the law.

The situation is not critical so the special law is not necessary for the time being, he said, adding that all parties must take part in talks to jointly find an acceptable solution to the political deadlock.

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