Blast work of third-hand, says poll

A majoritity of people believe the grenade explosion on Banthat Thong road on Friday that killed one and injured at least 36 protesters of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) was the work of a third party, according an opinion survey carried out by Suan Dusit Poll.

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The poll was carried out on 1,369 people in Bangkok and nearby provinces between Jan 17-18 to gauge their opinion on the incident.

Most of the respondents, 71.32%, were of the opinion that the incident was too violent without proper reason; 16.98% thought it was part of an ongoing political game aimed at scaring away the protesters, and 11.7% wanted the authorities to quickly find the culprits and take stricter preventive measures.

Asked who they thought was responsible for the attack, 68.27% believed it was the work of a third party, 20.67% pointed to groups of politicians, 7.7% blamed it on influential persons, and 3.36% thought it might be the work of either the government or the PDRC.

The majority, 57.56%, of the respondents believed the blast would result in more people joining the protest, but the rest, or 42.44%, thought otherwise.

A huge majority, or 82.3%, believed more violent incidents would occur, but 16.29% were not certain, while only 1.41% thought there would be no more of such incidents.

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