Shots fired at Chaeng Wattana

Motorcyclists fired shots at anti-government protest guards stationed in the Chaeng Wattana road area early Monday morning. There was no report of any injury.

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Protesters under the People’s Democratic Reform Committee banner have closed outbound Chaeng Wattana road at the entrance to the Government Complex, as part of their Bangkok shutdown operation.

The inbound lanes to Vibhavidi Rangsit road have  been opened to traffic. A motorcylist on an inbound lane  fired gunshots at the guards stationed in front of Thailand Post about 3am Monday. The guards used firecrackers to chase  off the attacker, Post Today reported.

Shortly afterward a similar attack occurred on guards stationed at Soi Chaeng Wattana 14.

There were no reports of any injuries

Elsewhere, a posting on the Policespokesmen Facebook page said Sgt Panjathep Tanawichai, 25, was arrested on Sunday night  for carrying gun and ammunition in a restricted area without a good reason. Police stopped his motorcycle about 10.40pm Sunday at a checkpoint on Kamphaengphet road in Chatuchak district.

The police found an 11mm gun, with three magazines and 25 bullets.

Earlier at 10.30pm, police at the Phra Phuttha Yodfa Bridge checkpoint stopped a car and found it to contain several items that could be used as weapons, including five knives, two rice sickles, wood planks, steel bars and catapults, along with some fake plastic grenades.

The driver, Sumet Somarsa, 36, was arrested on a charge of carrying hand-held weapons and items that could be used as weapons in the public without a good reason. 

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