Pupils 'forced' to join pro-election rally

AYUTTHAYA ― A group of Ayutthaya Witthayalai School students on Monday staged a protest against their school director after he allegedly forced them to join a local pro-election rally.

The group gathered in front of the office of Chalermsak Tharathanya at lunch-time on Monday and blew whistles to protest against him after he ordered all pupils in the school to join a pro-election rally on Jan 17.

According to the students, many of them disagreed with the activity but were forced to march from school to attend the rally at the old provincial hall.

The young people also said the march resulted in their school being branded as the “pro-red shirt school” in the local area. 

The pupils ended their whistle-blowing protest after the school's management told them that they had received an order from their “superiors” to take the students to demonstrate on Friday. 

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