PDRC protesters 'shutdown' the South

People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) protesters have shut down a number of government offices across southern provinces.

In Surat Thani, all offices at city hall have been closed and doors locked to prevent officials from entering to work.

All 44 secondary schools in the province and most elementary schools and kindergartens have also been closed.

However, the provincial court, police stations, military camps and hospitals remain open. 

Surat Thani Rajabhat University and the Surat Thani campus of the Prince of Songkla University are still open but the institutions are allowing students to carry out activities to express their political views.

All local administration offices have also closed in a show of civil disobedience in support of the PDRC.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat, PDRC supporters rallied at the provincial hall, district offices and other government offices to prevent officials from entering work.

In Chumphon, many government offices and schools also closed.

As part of a new tactic, PDRC supporters on Tuesday shut down the provincial post office to prevent postmen from delivering ballots to polling units.

In Satun, PDRC protesters locked all gates to city hall. However, the land office has been allowed to open as requested by members of the public who need to proceed with land transactions.

In Phatthalung, all government offices have been declared closed indefinitely. Many schools in Muang district said they will remain closed until Friday.

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