Navy officers ordered to keep mum

Navy chief Adm Narong Pipattanasai on Wednesday ordered all navy personnel who are not involved in dealing with the Bangkok shutdown protests to refrain from commenting on the matter because the sensitivity of the situation could affect the image of the Royal Thai Navy.

“We strongly assure that the Royal Thai Navy belongs to the nation, the religion and the people, and will remain politically neutral,” navy secretary Rear Adm Karn Dee-ubon said. 

The navy chief’s order comes after Rear Adm Winai Klom-in, commander of the navy's Seal forces, told reporters on Tuesday that he had received intelligence reports that "foreigners" from across the eastern border were brought into the country on Monday in 10 passenger vans in order to instigate violence in Bangkok. 

He also asked why police with their extensive network of information had no knowledge of these movements. 

Rear Adm Karn said the navy chief was not warning Rear Adm Winai directly for his comment, but stressed that all officers must be cautious about giving political opinions or interviews on the ongoing political conflicts. 

Rear Adm Winai’s interview is a personal affair, Rear Adm Karn added.

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