Death sentence for 'dancing' killer

A man who killed his fiancé and her mother in Chon Buri last August has been sentenced to death.

Chon Buri Court on Monday read out the verdict for Yosaphol Haekla, 35, who shot his fiancé, Kewelin Hongthong, 28, and her mother Wimol Hongthong, 48, at a car modification shop in Muang district. 

The police obtained security camera footage showing Mr Yosaphol shoot both women, then dance his way out of the scene. 

The man later claimed that he killed the two when his would be mother in-law tried to stop him marrying her daughter by increasing the sin sod, or bride price for Kewelin from 500,000 baht to 2 million baht.

Kewelin’s father and the provincial attorney filed charges of first degree murder and of owning, carrying and firing a gun in public without a permit against Yosaphol.

The court spent two hours reading out their verdict. Yosaphol was sentenced to six months in prison for the gun charges. On the murder charge, the court sentenced him to death, arguing that he made a conscious decision to kill the two women and then fled the scene of the crime.

The court also ordered him to pay 1.2 million baht to Kawelin’s father and another 1.41 million baht to Wimol’s two children. 

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