Soldiers 'won’t get involved in politics'

The armed forces will not get involved in the ongoing political conflict, deputy army spokesman Winthai Suvari said on Tuesday.

The military will not take part in politics, particularly the proposed postponement of the Feb 2 election because it is within the authority of the caretaker government and the Election Commission to make a decision, said Col Winthai.

Commanders of the armed forces had no opinion on this issue, he added.

Regarding the demand by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee’s secretary general Suthep Thaugsuban that the armed forces should help provide protection for the protesters, Col Winthai said the army has not yet received any request from the PDRC.

The deputy spokesman said under the emergency decree the armed forces must perform their duty in maintaining peace and order in line with the framework mapped out by the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order, or at the request of the CMPO.

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