Army: We will protect the public

The army will do all it can within the scope of law to protect the general public from anti-government and anti-election protest violence, spokesman Col Winthai Suwari said on Wednesday.

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 Col Winthai said the military is working with the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) to adjust security measures in line with the evolving political situation.

Army soldiers, in particular, will be deployed to provide security in more areas, he said. On recent attacks on anti-government protesters, Col Winthai said he believed police would step up efforts to resolve the cases and arrest the culprits.

He said the army is supporting CMPO in two ways. 

Soldiers have been deployed to provide security at key locations, man security checkpoints and patrol around rally sites.

The army has meanwhile sent civic action teams to provide medical services and facilitate traffic flow in areas near protest sites. Its psychological operation units have been deployed to cool tensions in some areas, where necessary.

The army deplores the use of violence in society, which will only damage the country, the spokesman said.

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