IT staff shortage to worsen by 2016

Thailand's emerging information technology (IT) networking industry is expected to see a 30% shortage of skilled professionals by 2016 due to the proliferation of internet devices and the economic slowdown, says a survey by the technology research firm IDC.

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Last year the shortage of IT networking professionals in the Thai market was 28% or 21,330 people, and that will rise to 30% or 35,357 by 2016.

IDC was commissioned by the world's largest networking firm, Cisco Systems Inc, to work on its global study entitled "The Evolution of the Networking Skills Gap in Asia-Pacific".

For Asia-Pacific excluding China and Japan, IDC estimates the shortage of 252,732 IT networking professionals at the end of 2012 will increase to 482,671 by 2016.

"The unfilled ICT-related jobs will reach 2 million globally within the next 10 years," said the report.

IDC conducted 504 interviews in Thailand, Australia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In Thailand, 31% of interviewed companies said they found it difficult to hire networking professionals with technically qualified backgrounds.

Some 61% said they had not hired any networking professionals in the previous 12 months.

The study found the shortage of skilled professionals remains a major challenge in Thailand. The primary cause is not a shortage of graduates but rather a skill mismatch in terms of relevant technical qualifications and communication skills.

Vatsun Thirapatarapong, Cisco's managing director for Thailand and Indochina, said the IT networking market is a collaboration of video, data centres and virtualisation, as well as cloud and mobility.

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