Health network urges ‘no vote’

The network of medical and public health workers has encouraged civil servants, particularly those in the Ministry of Public Health, and state-enterprise employees not to turn out and cast their votes on Sunday because they want serious reform first, and to avoid possible violence.

The network led by coordinator Sawan Kanchana issued an open statement to civil servants in all ministries and state enterprises, encouraging them to exercise their right not to vote on Feb 2.

The network explained it wants true reform before elections and offers an exit to avoid the possible violence that may lead to injury or the loss of life and property.

In its statement, the network also urged the public to see the importance of reform before an election, especially on the issue of acquisition of power, administration and the examination of government administrative power.

It said the proposal to set a new election date was rejected by the caretaker government so the network would therefore support the use of the "no vote" right.

The network comprises medical institutions from the Siriraj and Ramathibodi campuses of Mahidol University, and Thammasat, Prince of Songkla and Rangsit universities, along with seven public health related councils.

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