Gunshots at PDRC rally sites, no injury

Gunshots were fired at the anti-government rally sites on Change Wattana road and Lat Phrao intersection early Saturday morning, no one was injured, reports said.

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The first shooting occurred at Chaeng Wattana soi 10 rally site in front of Lak Si district office, where the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) protesters, led by Luang Pu Buddha Issara, have camped out overnight. 

The gunshots were fired at a 10-wheel truck used as the blockage barrier. It was hit by eight bullets.

Another shooting took place about 1am at Lat Phrao five-way intersection rally site of the PDRC when gunmen in a car running along the flyover road fired six bullets and threw a giant firecracker at the rally site.

After the shooting, the protest guards had increased the surveillance on the flyover road.

There was another set of shooting at Lat Phrao about two hours later.

No one was hurt in the three shootings.

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