Jakkrit murder case sent to court

Prosecutors have formally filed criminal indictments against four people who were charged earlier in the killing of former national sports shooter Jakkrit Panichpatikum.

The former Olympian's wife and mother-in-law are among those charged in connection with the drive-by shooting on Oct 19 last year.

Jakkrit, 40, was attacked by two men on a motorcycle while he was driving his black Porsche near Ramkhamhaeng Soi 166 in Min Buri district. The pillion rider fired several bullets through the driver's window, hitting Jakkrit three times.

Two bullets hit him in the abdomen and pierced his lung and back. Another bullet entered the right shoulder and damaged his heart.

After the police investigation, four people were arrested for conspiring to commit the murder: Jirasak Klinklai, the alleged shooter; Santi Thongsem; Surang Duangjinda, Jakkrit’s mother-in-law; and Dr Nitawadee Pucharoenyos, Jakkrit's wife.

The two men have been in jail since their arrest shortly after the murder. The two women have been released on bail of 500,000 baht each.

Jakkrit was arrested in July last year for allegedly attacking and threatening his wife. Her mother in November made a public confession that she ordered the killing to protect her daughter from further harm.

Ms Nitawadee told a television station on Friday that the case would be proved in the court and that for now she just wanted to do her best to care for two children.

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