Yingluck asks: Poll unconstitutional?

Why is the election unconstitutional? Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra wants Abhisit Vejjajiva to give her an explanation.

She was responding to a comment the Democrat Party leader posted on his Facebook page that he would not vote on Sunday because the poll was "unconstitutional".

"What does unconstitutional mean? The 2007 charter, particularly the section on election regulations, was altered by the Democrat-led government, not this administration," Ms Yingluck said on Saturday.

"The government has been complying with the 2007 constitution, even though it came from a military coup, not the people."

She urged people to trust the Election Commission, which is responsible for holding a fair and free general election.

"If we do not respect the rules set in the charter, how can we explain to the international community, and how can we run the country?" she asked.

The Democrats are boycotting Sunday's poll, which is costing taxpayers 3.8 billion baht (US$115 million) and will not produce enough MPs to convene a sitting of the House of Representatives.

Byelections, legal challenges and months of political wrangling are expected to prolong the process and inflate the bill to the taxpayers even further.

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