'Jealous' 80-year-old attacks retiree

SINGAPORE - His lawyer described him as old and frail, but age was not an issue for 80-year-old Lim Song Chong when it came to matters of the heart.

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The church caretaker was fined and jailed for a day Monday in Singapore for chasing 65-year-old Cheong Yee Mun with a knife and then throwing it at him, the Straits Times reported Tuesday.

Convinced that his girlfriend was having an affair with Cheong, her landlord, the 20-centimetre kitchen knife was only one of Lim's weapons of choice.

He also threw an umbrella, a pocket knife and a pair of scissors. All missed their mark as Cheong hid behind a pillar of the Glad Tidings Church.

In retaliation, Cheong threw a fire extinguisher at his attacker. Police later arrived to separate the senior citizens.

Lim confessed to committing criminal intimidation, with another charge of criminal intimidation and two counts of throwing the smaller knife and scissors taken into consideration.

He could have been fined and jailed for up to two years.

His lawyer asked the court for leniency because Lim has a degenerative eye disease and is on the verge of going blind. He described Lim as "very, very old and very, very frail".

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