EC: Nationwide voter turnout 46.79%

Nationwide voter turnout for the Feb 2 election was 46.79%, excluding the nine southern provinces where voting was cancelled, according to the latest summary by the Election Commission.

The nine provinces where voting was cancelled are Krabi, Chumphon, Trang, Phangnga, Phatthalung, Phuket, Ranong, Songkhla and Surat Thani.

Chiang Mai province recorded the highest turnout at 75.05%.

Bangkok's turnout was only 16.78%.

The total number of eligible voters nationwide, excluding those in the nine southern provinces, was 43,024,042. Of the total, 20,129,976 (46.79%) turned out to vote.

The nationwide number of valid ballots was 14.368,962 (71.38%) and spoiled ballots 2,425,673 (12.05%). The number of "no vote" ballots was 3,335,334 (16.57%).

The top three provinces by turnout were Chiang Mai with 827,808 (75.05%), Lamphun with 241,209 (73.39%) and Mae Hong Son with 104,119 (65.21%).

Bangkok has 33 constituencies with 6,671 polling units, but voting could only be held at 6,155 units. Of the total of 4,369,120 eligible voters, only 733,196 (16.78%) turned out to vote. The number of valid ballots was 498,847 (68.04%) and spoiled ballots 58,254 (7.95%). The number of "no vote" ballots was 176,094 (24.2%).

The EC will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss problems still to be solved. They include a new round of advance voting in lieu of Jan 26, new elections at polling units where voting was cancelled, and the issue of what to do about the 28 constituencies in the South where no candidates were able to register for the polls.

The EC will take opinions from legal experts and advisers before making a decision on what to do next.

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